Fishing on the River - Yellowstone Horse Pack Trips and Fly FishingRockin' HK Outfitters horse pack trips into Yellowstone National Park are customized to our client’s wishes. Exploring our countries first National Park on horseback is our specialty! Whether it's the spectacular riding, the unmatched fly fishing, the photographic opportunities or maybe, you just want to catch your breath; you have found your outfitter!

Using our horses and mules we can offer you 97 trailheads, 1200 miles of trails and 104 designated horse camping sites.

Fly fishing in the backcountry of Yellowstone is some of the best in the world. Overnight pack trips are truly the best way to spend a vacation in Yellowstone National Park. Our experienced guides can take you to remote fly-fishing spots, breathtaking scenery and unrivaled wildlife… Being able to sit back on your horse and watch it all unfold – Priceless!

Contact Kipp at 406-581-5534 to schedule your horseback trips with our team of guides. We offer a series of different package options for visitors from around the country.

6-12 Day Yellowstone Pack Trips

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Lamar River: 40-Mile Loop – Fishing, Riding, and Wildlife

Lamar RiverThis trip is a great opportunity to fish one of the most hailed fisheries in the lower 48. The Lamar River, located in the northeast section of the park, offers unlimited possibilities for great native cutthroat trout fly-fishing. You get to enjoy two different camps and four full days of fishing on the Lamar River. The last night of this trip is spent at a camp near Mist Creek Pass. This high-country camp offers spectacular scenery and wildlife viewing. Elk and wolves along with other species of wildlife inhabit this pass area. A breathtaking 15-mile ride through Pelican Valley concludes this adventure on the last day.

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Snake River: 46-Mile Fishing Trip

Man Holding FishHere we concentrate on fly-fishing for native cutthroat trout. The Snake River trip offers two wonderful camps along its banks, with a third camp on Basin Creek, allowing you the opportunity to fish another excellent stretch of water. You start your trip at the south entrance of Yellowstone Park and travel along the south boarder between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Stunning scenery will delight you as you slowly make your way through this 46-mile, 7-day “ride.” A variety of wildlife makes their home in this area; including the controversial wolves, elk, grizzly bears, and eagles.

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The Thorofare: 70-90 Miles of Fishing, Riding, and Photography

Horses GrazingThis trip is the crown jewel of all Yellowstone Park pack trips. It takes you into the most remote area in all of the lower 48 states. This trip travels through the southeast corner of the Park. Excellent fishing opportunities are found in the famed Yellowstone and Snake Rivers along with Thorofare Creek and Yellowstone Lake. Accompanying the great fishing is the spectacular scenery and secluded atmosphere. The Trident is the highlight of the 70-90 mile trip, with its 10,000-foot Granite Peaks surrounding your camp as you sit down to a gourmet meal.

Unmatched photographic possibilities exist with the beautiful landscapes and high mountain scenery. The chance of photographing the wide variety of wildlife that inhabits this area is great, especially the grizzly bear. Elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose, and many different birds of prey are among the other creatures that crave this seclusion as well. This trip can be done through a variety of different trails and camps, depending on which activities you would like to focus on. Either way, this is an adventure your friends and family will not be able to stop talking about!

Snake River: 50 Miles in 6 Days

Group of RidersYour first day begins at the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park. From there you will travel northeast on the south boundary trail along the world famous Snake River. There are numerous geothermal features on this ten-mile ride to your first camp. Hot springs, active geysers, and old geyser cones dot the landscape along the river. Your camp literally sets a hundred feet from the banks of the Snake River.

The famed Snake River awaits your casts on your second day. There is an excellent four-mile stretch of water accessible right from camp. The Snake in this section holds healthy populations of cutthroat trout along with white fish. You may encounter some migrating browns or the occasional fugitive lake trout from Lewis, Jackson, or Heart Lake. The typical size for the cutthroats in this area is 10-14 inches in size. However, there are those few fish that push 18-20 inches.

Your third day is focused on the most scenic ride in the Park, up and over Big Game Ridge. This 14-mile ride takes you along Harebell Creek and the south boundary trail. About halfway, you will find yourself roughly 9,200 feet above sea level on Big Game Ridge. From here you can literally see the whole Park to the north and the Grand Teton’s to the south.

After cresting the pass, you drop into the Snake River Canyon. As you get closer and closer to the headwaters you will find your second camp. This is truly the biggest day of the trip. Appetizers and dinner will be closely followed by sleep.

The fourth day is all about relaxing and fishing. Steam rising off the hot springs and the scenic beauty of this area create a magical atmosphere from which to fish, hike, or just relax.

The fifth day gives you a few hours of fishing that morning while your guides pack up camp and get ready to head out. The three and a half hour ride winds down the Snake River Canyon to our last camp in Basin Creek. This is a beautiful canyon to ride and experience. The trail mostly follows the river, rising high above in some places leaving you breathless and so pleased with the strong horse under you. Basin Creek camp is set on the outskirts of a wonderful meadow. Your last day is just as wondrous as the previous five because of a spectacular 16-mile ride. The Heart River trail leads you above and around Heart Lake, which offers unmatched views of the lake. The trail then takes you down to the shoreline through a maze of hot springs. From there you head into a fascinating area where you encounter bottomless hot springs with water so clear you can see well into the depths of the earth. Your trip comes to an end at the Heart Lake trailhead where we say our final farewells and reflect back on the six days just spent in some of the most remote and wild country Yellowstone has to offer.

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5 Day Horse Pack Trips in Yellowstone

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Snake River and Basin Creek: 36-Mile Fishing Trip

Bear in a FieldBoth of these camps offer excellent fishing opportunities for native cutthroats. Our first camp on the banks of the Snake River provides a ten-mile stretch of water reached by either walking or riding. The second camp at Basin Creek, along with being one of the most scenic camps in the park, offers two or three different options for great fishing. There are also many geothermal features to explore along the way. Elk, bears, and eagles are the most frequently seen wildlife in this area.

Upper Lamar and Mist Creek: 40-Mile Fishing Trip

Man Holding Freshly Caught FishThis trip is for the serious fisherman. 3 full days are spent on the Lamar River fishing. You can fish right from camp or saddle up and head up river for the day. Our last night is spent in a high country camp near Mist Creek pass. A spectacular 15-mile ride through Pelican Valley concludes this trip. Buffalo, wolves, bears, and elk are some of the animals you may see in this area.

Pebble Creek and Slough Creek: 30-Mile Fishing and Riding Trip

Mountain Reflected on LakeThese camps are the most sought after camps in the park. This trip starts at the Pebble Creek camp near the headwaters of Pebble Creek. Fishing and wildlife viewing are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed from this camp. A spectacular ride over 8,860-foot Bliss Pass will provide memories for a lifetime. From here you will experience the legendary waters of Slough Creek, some of the best fly-fishing in the world. Elk, bears, and eagles dominate the landscape along Slough Creek.

Sportsman Lake/Gardner’s Hole: 33-Mile Fishing and Riding Trip

Horses on a PathThis trip combines excellent wildlife viewing and high country lake fishing. Sportsman Lake is a high-country camp at the base of Electric Peak, which has great fishing for everybody from the beginner to the accomplished fisherman. From there you will ride over a 9,000-foot Electric Pass into Gardner’s Hole, a wildlife sanctuary. A wide variety of wildlife can be seen right from your camp. There are many horseback-riding possibilities from this camp due to the vastness of the surrounding area. Gardner’s Hole also has a very rich history in regards to the beginning stages of the park.

4 Day Horse Pack Trips in Yellowstone

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Lamar River: 24-30 Mile Fishing and Riding Trip

Child Holding FishThe Lamar River is a very healthy fishery located in the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. Average size fish range from 12-16 inches, along with that 18-20 inch fish lurking in the shadows. There are several different camps from which to choose. Fish a very short walk from camp, or if you would like to explore the upper stretches of the Lamar we can always saddle up and head out for the day. Along with the atmosphere of a secluded camp, many different species of wildlife roam these canyon walls and small meadows. Wolves, grizzly bears, and the Rocky Mountain Elk are the most prevalent. Very few people ever reach the upper portions of the Lamar River. This creates a great environment for fishing as you literally have the river all to yourself. It is a wonderful opportunity to fish with your buddies or bring your children out for their first fishing experience in the west. The memories of this trip will last you forever.

Slough Creek: 18-Mile Fishing Trip

Cutthroat TroutSome people wait a lifetime for the opportunity to fish Slough Creek. We are proud to be able to offer this trip for the fly fishing enthusiast. Slough Creek, located in the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park is one of the most productive fisheries in the lower 48 states. Here the native cutthroat trout average about 16-18 inches in length, with a very good chance of landing that 20-inch fish. A short eight-mile ride in allows you more opportunity to fish on the first and last day of your trip. Spectacular scenery surrounds you as you test your skills against the big fish of Slough Creek. Your very comfortable base camp is set up in the upper portions of Slough Creek, which allows you to fish a seven-mile stretch of the famed waters. All fishing is within walking distance of your camp and gourmet meals await your return from a full day of fishing. This is an unforgettable chance to fish one of the most sought after areas in the United States.

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3 Day Pack Trips (All Trips Begin and End at the Same Trailhead)

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Sportsman Lake: 24-Mile Loop Fishing, Wildlife, and Scenery Trip

View From the OverlookSportsman Lake Camp is for people who seek a fly-fishing experience in a high-country lake setting. A wonderful 12-mile ride takes you to the northwest side of the 11,000-foot Electric Peak. Camp is set near the banks of this beautiful 7,000-foot lake from which you may fish, hike, horseback ride, or even swim. Wildlife is abundant around this camp including moose, wolves, and grizzly bears. This camp is very scenic; striking views can be seen in all directions, especially up.

Lamar River: 24-30 Mile Fishing and Wildlife Trip

Man Fishing with WildlifeThe Lamar River trip is for the serious fisherman. The beginning of your ride into camp brings you through an open area with a very high concentration of bison. This 12-15 mile ride meanders along the northern side of this canyon. As you get farther and farther up the trail you will see evidence of many more forms of wildlife such as elk, wolves, eagles, and bears. You will now be in some of the best fishing in the park. Camp is set near the banks of the Lamar River and, from here, you can fish right in camp or explore up river looking for new holes.

Soldiers’ Corral: 15-Mile Wildlife Photography and Riding Trip

Rainbow Over FieldSoldiers’ Corral camp is a beautiful camp that is set in a big open basin. The Gardner River runs the length of this basin while 11,000-foot Electric Peak looms in the background. This camp is known for the wildlife that resides in this area. The horseback riding and photography potential is endless. The river provides the diehard fisherman with that “one last cast.” An unbelievable time to be in this special place is during the fall when the elk are in rut.

3-Day Hot Pot: Bechler River Hot Pots – 20-Mile Loop Relaxation Trip

WaterfallDunanda Falls Hot Pots are the perfect place to kick back, soak, and sip a little wine. This trip concentrates on pleasing your body. The opportunity for soaking in natural hot springs is a once in a lifetime experience. A beautiful 10-mile ride takes you to your base camp. During day 2, a short day ride brings you to Dunanda Falls, where you can settle in for your first Hot Pot’s soak. Accompanied by gourmet food, the soak offers you your own private spa in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park.