At Rockin' HK Outfitters, we believe that a trip to Yellowstone can be a life-changing experience. Based in Livingston, MT, we are proud to serve as a source of Yellowstone Park activities for travelers of all ages.

Our Hosts

Photo of Heidi

Heidi Saile

We are Kipp and Heidi Saile; we have lived and worked in southwest Montana since 1990. Our love for horses and the back-country however, has been with us since childhood. Our number one employees are our horses and mules. We are always so proud of their power and sure-footedness. These animals are not just workers to us; they are our pets and companions throughout the year. We love and take superb care of our friends and you will see why.

About Kipp and Heidi

Kipp Saile

Kipp Saile

Kipp has been a guide and skilled packer in and out of Yellowstone since 1999, learning and practicing low-impact techniques handed down for generations. His strength and knack for packing mules along with his love for Yellowstone is what makes him one of the other treasures Montana has to offer. He is also an accomplished chef and is able to prepare gourmet meals above and beyond your wildest imagination in the back-country.

Heidi’s experience lies in the horse and riding areas. She has worked for many local ranches and has accumulated many hours on the trail, mastering the know how to take care of both horse and rider in the back-country. Heidi loves to ride with beginners and children, showing them how wonderful and gentle horses can be, while never forgetting how strong and different their personalities are.

The Saile Family

The Saile Family

Our Family

We have been operating in Yellowstone National Park since 2003. We absolutely love what we do. Scarlett, Wyatt and Wilson work all aspects of our business and share the same love for the outdoors that we do.

Friendly HorsesOur Horses and Mules

Our horses and mules are undoubtedly our most important crew members. Without our strong and willing companions, we would not even be able to do this.

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